czwartek, 16 lipca 2009

Pozycja kobry korzystnie wpływa na zniesienie lordozy lędźwowej

Wykonywanie codziennie ćwiczeń kobry, pomaga w rehabilitacji zniesienie lordozy lędźwiowej.

Tutaj można zobaczyć jak wykonuje się te ćwiczenie: COBRA POSE

Jeżeli masz problem z kifozą lub tzw. okrągłymi plecami, wykonuj pozę niskiej kobry, cały opis jak to się robi, znajdziesz tutaj (przetłumaczone by google).

Poza tym warto przeczytać wątek na ten temat na angielskim forum, pod tym linkiem. Cytuję część wątku:
As was stated by another on this site many times people get worse with this twisting. Once you find a Chiropractic Physician that knows how to adjust straight P to A I would also highly recommend that you do the yoga cobra stretch to help to stretch out your tight muscles on a regular basis. Finally may I go out on a limb and suspect that you have a very flat rear end and that you probably come by it genetically. After you have started your specific adjustments and stretching get yourself a belt and hang a 1 to 2 lb. weight (ankle weights will work well) on the belt one hanging over each buttock and walk around the house for 15 minutes 2xs a day and you will almost instantly begin to feel your postural muscles retrain themselves to force you buttocks outward to overcome the weight and thus increase your lumbar curvature in response to the weight. Once you are convinced of the extreme amount of relief that this can bring to your back my I suggest that you contact and call and talk to Sarah (ext. 5) and tell her you would like to order some Gluteus Maximus silicone padded panties to help with your posture and then you will find as I have with my flat lower back that there is indeed a way to retrain these muscles and keep your posture correct all the waking hours of the day.

Jeżeli nie potrafisz angielskiego, użyj tłumacza Google. Kliknij o tutaj.

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